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The Mission

Realplay's mission is to bring professional video systems to highschool and college baseball and softball players.

Our platform provides automatically generated, edited, and curated game videos for players, coaches, and scouts. Post your video where scouts from NCAA DI, DII, DIII, and professional teams look for their next talent.

Use RealPlay for continuous performance improvement while attracting scouts and recruiters.

Realplay™ is more than a product, it’s a promise: no matter who you are, where you are, how much money you have, when you step onto the diamond, what you do will be on video, ready for you to use just like a professional ball player.


For Coaches

Realplay™ gives you access to professional level videos of your players and allows you to take a truly personalized approach to coaching.

Our system allows for performance evaluation and continuous improvement through our easy to use and accessible platform.

Coaching doesn’t have to end when practice is over.

For Players & Their Families

Realplay™ provides pro-level videos to high school athletes without asking them to do anything other than play their game! 

Our platform allows players to use and share video of their play with their high school, private instruction, or recruiting coaches without requiring unrealistic time and money commitments.

We build the profile pages, edit the video, and post the new data; all we ask is whether or not players want access.

For Scouts

Recruit true talent from the most comprehensive player database available.

View a season's worth of game video, no more highlight reels or shaky batting practice clips.

Realplay™ facilitates national recruiting practices by taking the non-baseball tasks away from baseball people.

Early Access

We're running the Realplay™ Pilot Program this summer with the American Legion Baseball League. If you want to get early access to our revolutionary new baseball technology, fill out the form below.

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About Realplay

Realplay™ caters to the highschool and college baseball community and offers affordable ongoing performance video for players, coaches, and scouts served up in an easy-to-use baseball social network with a personalized player page documenting their entire career.

This will give every college and high school player an opportunity to play baseball at a higher level. The newly developed hardware and software platform consists of a set of cameras, and intelligent remote control software.

Realplay’s artificial intelligence image recognition system automatically edits every game and uploads every at bat video to a player’s profile page.

Player stats and videos are constantly updated. Realplay™ enables continuous performance improvements for the individual player and their team.

About The player behind Realplay

Justin Real has spent his entire life as a baseball player. Growing up in Newton MA, his love and passion for the game started at age three. From an early age he knew he wanted to play NCAA baseball, and while attending high school, dedicated his Sophomore and Junior years to attracting scouts . Justin played 4 years of DIII baseball at Union College

Justin received his MBA in May 2017 focusing on business analytics and digital marketing.  Justin was determined to take his experience with technology products, his new learnings from the #1 Entrepreneurship school in the country, and his undying devotion to baseball to answer a simple question:

How can we use technology to progress high school sports for everyone?

Realplay™ is the tool that Justin would have needed when he was a young ball player, for himself & for his father who couldn't make it to every game.

Realplay™ was built off  a truth that Justin was taught at an early age: "In baseball, you don't have to be 6'5 or run like lightning to make a team. If you show up every day, have a good work ethic and listen to coaching, there's a roster spot somewhere waiting for you. And that's what makes this game great!"